Short Term Loan

When financial tough times hit, cash loans or short term loan is the easiest option to turn to.

Here is a scenario for you: Let’s say you work a nine to five job every day of the week and get a salary every month that enables you to cover your important expenses, like paying your rent/bond, paying your bills, and purchasing your groceries, etc. But what happens when you need a cash mid – month? After having done everything you needed to do with your salary, a short-term loan is the best and the wisest route to take when faced with an emergency.

A short term loan is a great type of loan and with hundreds of financial lenders willing and happy to offer loans, which is the best option for you. That’s great, but every lender has different criteria for taking out a loan – some of which may land you in more trouble than you were before taking out the payday loan.

It’s important to know beforehand that short-term loan providers have set a few criteria for an applicant to qualify for the loan. You need to be a South African and older than 18. You must be employed and earn a regular salary and hold a valid bank account.

At Payday loans, we are committed to responsible lending and advise you to only borrow as much as you can afford to pay back.

Apply for your short-term loan with us for peace of mind.

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