Emergency Loan South Africa

Short term loans, emergency loans or payday loans have become exceedingly popular in South Africa with borrowers looking for easy, quick access to cash to cover emergency expenses.

Short term loans or emergency loan providers in South Africa have less stringent approval requirements, so a lot of people prefer the to their normal banks, where loan approvals are scrutinized in detail and approvals take ages.

What you need for a Payday Loan in South Africa:

– A valid South African Citizen or ID;
– You must be 18 years or older;
– Hold a valid bank account;
– A monthly income;
– Valid cell phone number.

Here at Pay Day Loans, we have made getting a short term loan easier by allowing you to apply online. This results in our customers having easier access to an application, speedier turnaround times and an increased transparency in rates and fees.

If you qualify for the loan that you have requested, you will have the funds in your account within 24 hours, which makes it great to use for those unexpected emergencies.

While Payday Loans offer emergency loans, we encourage our clients to know the interest rates and understand the terms and conditions of these little emergency loans. Contact us today, to see if you qualify.

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