World has 5 years to change how to earn learn and care – WEF

Jan 12, 2017

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) thinks the world has three to five years to change how it earns, learns and cares in order to transition effectively into a new world order.

Saadid Zahidi, WEF’s Head of education, gender and work, said transforming education ecosystems, creating a care economy and managing the transition to a new world of work require political will, innovative policy, new financing models and most importantly, a new mindset.
According to Zahidi, there are three things that need to change:

Transform Education Ecosystems

“Most education systems are so far behind the mark on keeping up with the pace of change today and so disconnected from labour markets that nothing short of a fundamental overhaul will suffice in many economies.
“The eight key areas of action here are early childhood education, future-ready curricula, a professionalized teaching workforce, early exposure to the workplace, digital fluency, robust and respected technical and vocational education, openness to education innovation, and critically, a new deal on lifelong learning.”

Facilitate the transition to a new world of work

“While there are deeply polarised views about how technology will impact employment, there is agreement that we are in a period of transition.
“Policy needs to catch up and facilitate this transition. We propose four areas of action: recognition of all work models and agile implementation of new regulations, updated social protection, adult learning and continuous re-skilling, and proactive employment services.”

Advance the care Economy

“Often undervalued and unregulated, care is one of the most fundamental needs among both young and old populations. It has a strong impact on education, and holds potential for job growth.
“We propose six areas of action: recogniae and value care as a vital sector of the economy, professionalise the care workforce, rebalance paid and unpaid work responsibilities, expand high-quality care infrastructure, create new financial provisions to facilitate care, and use technology as a tool for balancing care and work.”

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