Reasons to Turn to PayDay Loans

Jul 10, 2015

Life is what happens, while you’re busy making other plans.

– John Lennon

There are some things in life that no amount of planning can prepare you for, and often it’s the capricious spirit of life that allows us to have hope, to fall in love, to enjoy the element of surprise, and to stumble upon something we never knew we always wanted.

Unpredictability is the very quality that gives our lives deeper meaning and a higher purpose, as it adds delight, mystery and wonder.  However, the random nature of life often leaves chaos in its wake, wreaking havoc and bringing about disaster in our world. The unexpected is a double-edged sword or a mixed blessing, if you will.

The same is true of cash, of course. Money makes the world go round, or rather undeniably affects every aspect of our lives – from our jobs, to our families and friends, influencing our emotions and thoughts. For better or worse, we are involved in a lifelong relationship with our finances, and no matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, the ups and downs are inevitable.

Along with the miracles of life, come the emergencies and, because of how central money is to our lives, unexpected events almost always require instant cash. In appreciation of life’s unpredictability, we at PayDay Loans offer immediate monetary solutions for what may well have turned into permanent lifelong problems.


Fast, Simple & Efficient

And in an emergency situation, fast, simple and efficient saves the day! The PayDay Loans application process was designed with urgency in mind. Being able to apply online, means you can apply on-the-go, using your smart phone.

It’s as clear-cut as entering your basic details into our streamlined online contact form and then we call you back. Our thinking is, if you need a loan to begin with, you shouldn’t have to waste money on airtime.

You don’t have to come into our offices to get approved. Again, we don’t want you to spend money on unnecessary transport costs. Also, you don’t have to cough up for postage costs. Faxing through or scanning and emailing copies of the few basic documents we require suits us just fine.


Slicker Than Your Average Credit

Three words – no credit check. Payday Loans are small, short-term and only require repayment when you get your next salary payout. All these factors make PayDay Loans low-risk, so there’s really no need for us to slow things down just to air out your dirty, clean or lack of credit laundry.

Help protect your credit record. Because PayDay Loans are bite-size and very doable for most, you can use them to cover more weighty financial obligations, such as your mortgage or bond payments, as falling into arrears on these would not only blacken your credit profile, but may end up costing you your home or car.

Won’t appear in your credit history. As long as you repay your PayDay Loan upon your next payday, it will be as if it never happened. That nightmarish fender-bender in grid-locked traffic never happened, you didn’t fix up your car in the blink of an eye, only to have it back in shiny racing condition the next day, with a little help from PayDay Loans *wink.


Dignity, Independence and Relationships Intact

Leaving the nest is a proud moment. Keep it that way. As young adults, we all need to prove to ourselves and our overbearing, know-it-all parents that we can cut it in the big, scary world. Just because you’re bound to bump your head a few times before becoming a budgeting guru, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your pride and new-found independence, by begging your folks for a loan and a big, fat ‘I told you so!’. Get a life, and get a PayDay Loan instead!

Save friendships and relationships. You may think lending from a friend is tax-free. Experience, on the hand, tells us that when you borrow from friends, you tax the relationship. Mixing loans with loved ones is a time-tested dangerous brew, and most relationships don’t make it out alive. Informal lending is riddled with expectations, assumptions, empty promises and disappointments.

Spare family events the drama. Family gatherings and celebrations can either fill you with warmth, nostalgia and a sense of belonging, or trigger a feeling of raw dread, anxiety and awkwardness, depending on whether you, or any of your family members owe money to one another. True story. Preserve the enjoyableness and sacred memories of these events, by opting for professional, uncomplicated PayDay Loans instead.


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