Urgent Payday Loans South Africa

Urgent PayDay loans South Africa – a system that is great for short term, efficient loans, we allow you to take loans from R500 to R3000 to pay back at month end. Perfect for curbing the strain of emergency expenses, these small loans get you through the month when things get tight.

As the name would suggest, urgent payday loans in South Africa are for exactly that. Approved and transferred within hours, these are meant to get you to your next pay date, after which you can pay back the money in full. A brilliant way to get over those speed bumps life tends to throw at you, this only requires that you are a South African citizen, earn a minimum of R4000 per month and have a constant and reliable source of income.

As an unsecured loan, there is no stress about repossession of assets or losing more than money, however on the flip side this means that interest is high and not paying on time can be detrimental to your financial wellbeing.

Whether for fun, emergency medical expenses or repairs on your car, a payday loan is the quick and easy route to getting your month back on track.

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