Instant Same Day Cash Loans South Africa

For instant same day cash loans in South Africa go no further than payday Loans. A simple, efficient loan application system that streamlines your request process, this is the easiest way to get cash in hand on the same day. With a short approval process you must simply have a stable income of over R4000 per month and be a South African citizen. Once you have been contacted by our consultant and had your information verified, you will know your approval status within hours.

Whether for emergency costs or medical expenses, school fees or making rent, these small cash loans let you rest easy knowing you can get the cash you need, when you need. An unsecured loan type, these month to month style loans are meant to be paid back within 35 days, after that the interest can make it a bit harsh to repay.

A simple loan solution for anyone in South Africa, this is the best way to get instant, same day cash loans in South Africa. If you are looking for R500 or up to R3000, these quick and easy cash loans make for a great unforeseen cost solution.

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