Can I get a pay day loan if I am over indebted?

At PayDay Loans, we do not discriminate against people who are over-indebted. If you are blacklisted or have bad debt, we urge you to apply for a short term loan anyway. We are empathetic and adaptable, and because of this, our qualifying criteria is far more lenient than most of the other lenders out there. We feel that payday loans should be made accessible to all South Africans, especially those who are struggling financially.

At PayDay Loans, we often grant loans to people who have been blacklisted, as well as those who have a low credit score. Moreover, with a payday loan, your credit score can be protected, allowing you to apply for a bond or vehicle finance with ease.

Thanks to the internet, we are able to provide South Africans across the whole country with PayDay Loans, when they’re in a tight spot.

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