Back to School PayDay Loans

Jan 13, 2016

Back to School, Back to Reality

For a large chunk of South Africans, aside from the classic hangover that comes from overindulgence, the New Year also brings a big, fat financial headache. After shelling out for presents to put under the tree and decadent feasts to put on the table, the strain of covering the rising cost of living burns deep.

That’s why PayDay Loans are here to make things a little easier for families suffering with the post-holiday financial blues – not to mention a long list of pending back to school expenses!

The Underbanked

The South Africans without bank accounts don’t have access to traditional loans, credit cards or store accounts to see them through the back to school month, should their situations become desperate. In such circumstances, your best back to school financial solution is to turn to PayDay Loans.

It happens to all of us. We get carried away with all of the sales during the festive season. Then suddenly reality bites back and we need car repairs, doctor’s appointments or some such unexpected expense catches us with our pants down and our pockets empty. Meanwhile, back to school expenses are burning a hole in your back pocket.

In this case, turning to short-term PayDay Loans can really save the day!

The Blacklisted

Also, you can still qualify for PayDay Loans even if you are blacklisted or have a poor credit record. And it won’t have a negative effect on your credit score.

PayDay loans can help you deal with the financial realities of paying your bills on time, avoiding expensive overdraft fees and covering back to school expenses. In turn, preventing massive defaults and financial crises.

PayDay Loans are an inexpensive financial solution boasting much lower interest rates than alternative short-term loan products.

Responsible PayDay Lending

What’s more, we are strongly against the abusive practices of some unscrupulous operations calling themselves payday lenders, who give honest establishments a bad name.

We have the best interests of our clients closely at heart and take our duty to lend responsibly very seriously. PayDay Loans frowns upon the unethical practices of junk loan peddlers that exploit vulnerable consumers who cannot afford to repay their loans.

We abide by the regulations of the National Credit Act to the letter and limit our interest rates as much as we possibly can.  Moreover, we always ensure that our clients have the means to repay their PayDay Loans.

This New Year, we urge you to avoid loan sharks at all costs and instead turn to PayDay Loans, if you need a little help with your back to school expenses!

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