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5 Debt Relief Tips for Winter

May 12, 2016

Many of us seek out debt relief, as the cash-strapped winter months roll in. The chilly season is typically more costly as it calls for extra expenses. Others pray for debt relief during winter, hoping by some miracle we’ll make ends meet.

If you want to fight the winter budget blues, you need to be especially vigilant when it comes to saving. To do this, drawing up a household budget is a must. And be sure to keep adding to an emergency fund every month.

South Africans are notoriously poor savers. This is why so many of us find ourselves needing debt relief, when unexpected costs crop up. By depositing a set amount into an emergency fund every month, you will soon build up a decent reserve to tap into when times are tough.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you should stop building up your personal savings. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 debt relief tips for winter.

Debt Relief Tips

1. Make use of gas heaters or hot water bottles, instead of power-heavy electric heaters.

2.  Only turn your geyser on for an hour a day before bath or shower time, and ensure it is switched off     the rest of time – day and night.

3.  Quick showers use up a lot less water than baths, saving you money on your monthly water bills.

4.  Extra blankets and hot water bottles are cost-effective and safe, so ditch energy-sucking, electric blankets, which are also a fire hazard.

5.  Save electricity and time by cooking in bulk and freezing meals for the week, then quickly heat up in the microwave after work. You’ll find it makes food stretch too.

If your financial situation can’t be helped by the above debt relief tips, PDL may be able to help. Send us your contact details via the web form for a free call back.


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