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Should your loan application be successful, you could get R3000 deposited into your account today, and only pay it back within 35 days or less. South African residents earning a minimum of R4000 monthly at a stable job could qualify for our fast loans.

At PayDay loans, we are firing on all cylinders to ensure that the application process is as fast and simple as possible for you. Once you have filled out the online form and submitted it to us, we will call you back as soon as possible to ensure there is no delay in getting the loan to you.

You then decide whether or not to accept our loan offer, which we’ll send through to you via email, and, if you do, we’ll put the cash in your account the same day you apply. Unexpected costs may have arisen for one reason or another, and so you find yourself turning to PayDay Loans to help you out of a bad situation.

Even though we are always happy to help, it’s essential you are completely sure you can pay back the loan before you commit. Experience for yourself how speedy our service is by applying for one of our lightning fast loans today.

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