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A PayDay Loan involves a quick financial process, whereby a lender advances a specific sum of money to you, which must be paid back by the next salary payday date. Read More
This will depend on you financial situation. The best thing to do is to speak to one of our professional consultants, who will guide you through the application process. Read More
In order to qualify for a PayDay loan you need to fulfill certain criteria. A simple, online solution that gives you quick and easy access to money when you need it. If you need a PayDay loan, the first step is application and approval. Read More
  • • A personal bank account, taken out in your own name, active for at least of 3 months
  • • A contactable e-mail address that you have daily access to
  • • A permanent job, where you earn a monthly or weekly salary - NOT fortnightly
  • • Earning a monthly salary of at least R4 000
  • • At least 18 (eighteen) years of age
  • • A South African Citizen
  • • No judgments or defaults
Employees from these mining industries qualify:
  • • Iron ore
  • • Chrome
  • • Ferrochrome
  • • Manganese
  • • Coal
Employees who work for:
  • • Security
  • • Cleaning
  • • Trusts, administration & debt review
  • • Body corporates
  • • Foreign embassies
  • • Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • • Doctors
If you / you're:
  • • Unemployed
  • • Only income is your pension
  • • Self-employed or on a contract
  • • Only earn commission (no basic salary)
  • • Not a South African Citizen
  • • Under debt review or debt administration
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You can apply by filling out the online contact form on our website and submitting it. Once you have done this, one of our financial advisors will give you a free call back to guide you through the rest of the process, within the next 24 hours. Read More
We will communicate the outcome of your application to you via e-mail and also give you a phone call to inform you of your approval/decline. You won't know until you give it a try! So, we encourage you to get in touch, no matter what your financial circumstances are. Read More
This is a salary payday advance loan, so your repayment date will be based on your next payday date. This makes it easy for you to pay back the loan, as you’ll only have to repay the loan once you get your next salary payout. Read More
No, we do not perform credit checks and applying for a pay day advance will not affect your credit rating. Read More
That's a big NO! We pride ourselves on providing the right financial solution to you our valued client. If we grant you a PayDay Loan, it will be because it is the BEST thing for you and you can rest assured that it won’t worsen your financial troubles. Read More
There are many loan sharks operating in South Africa who are way worse than the razor-toothed ocean predators they are named after! These informal lenders are totally unscrupulous and will not charge you extremely high interest rates. They will threaten and manipulate you in order to squeeze more money out you. So please steer clear of these people altogether! Read More
Simply complete our brief, straightforward online contact form HERE. Read More
While there are some payday loan packages that cater to students, the qualifying factors remain the same. If a student has the required income and documentation to qualify for a payday loan then the loan can be granted as usual. Read More
Are payday loans safe? In short, yes they are. The confusion comes when considering the terms and rates. Payday loans have high interest rates due to the small amounts and short terms of the agreement. Read More
If you are thinking about borrowing money, it is important that you know the differences between secured and unsecured loans. Payday loans offer loans from R500 – R3000 or more which allows borrowers to obtain the cash they need when they’re in a quick fix. Read More
A question asked often by debtors, Can I apply for a PayDay loan if I don’t have a bank account? A tricky one to really understand, this is in essence dependent on the lender. Read More
When you take out a payday loan, you are responsible for the debt. You cannot take out a loan and shift responsibility for the loan to another party without that person’s permission. However, you can give the money from a payday loan to another person. You are however still responsible for repaying the debt. Read More
Consumers find themselves to be over-indebted when their total household income is less than the expenses and debt obligations each month. This also includes when a consumer cannot fulfill their monthly expenses in a timely fashion.Read More
With our streamlined online application process, we ensure the utmost simplicity and affordability. So you can expect to be approved and get the loan on the same day. Read More
If you repay your payday loan on-time according to the loan terms then the payday loan will not affect your credit score. In most cases it might not show up on your credit report. Read More
So do payday loans affect credit? For the most part, they don’t. Most payday loan providers will not perform credit checks before granting you a loan of this type and the loan itself does not show up on your credit history, unless you were chased by debt collectors after defaulting. Read More
PayDay loans are small cash loans that help you get from paycheck to paycheck when emergency costs crop up. With a quick turnaround time, this is an efficient loan system that gives you money when you need it, without lengthy waiting periods or approval processes. So how long does it take? Read More
Is there interest on a PayDay loan? An interesting question to say the least, most people forget that interest is month to month and calculated annually. Given that these loans are meant to be from paycheck to paycheck, the debtor should never be in a position to gain significant interest. Read More
Payday loans are easily obtained and very helpful when you need cash in a hurry. The repayment comes out of your checking account on the next payday, which is very convenient. If you find yourself tight on cash on your next paycheck, then you can get an extension. Read More
Who regulates payday loans? The main force behind lending regulation of this nature would be the National Credit Regulators. A body that monitors credit and lending of all sorts, they ensure the standards of lending are upheld and the guidelines are followed. Read More
Who uses payday loans? Available to all South African citizens with permanent employment, earning R4000 a month or more, payday loans assist in making ends meet towards the end of the month when money is low and emergency costs spring up. Read More
While payday loans have a bad name in many circles, there are many elements that work wonderfully if used correctly, ensuring you never have to worry about cash at the end of the month. Here we delve into why payday loans are good. Read More
Because our loans are meant to be from pay cheque to pay cheque, we are in no position to gain significant interest. However, short term loans are unsecured and are therefore considered to be a risk to any company, so all our loans come with interest... Read More
At PayDay Loans, all our loans are short term. This is because when financial tough times hit, short term loans are the easiest option to turn to... Read More
At PayDay Loans, we do not discriminate against people who are over-indebted. If you are blacklisted or have bad debt, we urge you to apply for a short term loan anyway... Read More
In the instance where you are unable to repay your short-term loan, your credit provider can instruct registered debt collectors to collect the outstanding amount, plus lawful interest, admin costs and collection fees... Read More